Dealing With the Frustration of Getting Scammed With Online Business Opportunities

It happens to all of us. It may have already happened to you – especially if you’re just starting out in online business: frustration. The frustration of signing up with that “golden” opportunity to make a “fortune” online. “No cash up front!” “Work only 1 hour a day!” “Get that new car next week!”

We’ve all seen these types of hyped up ads. I mean, the Internet is literally drowning in them. With so much publicity and marketing flooding your browser, how can you tell which of the opportunities are legitimate – and which of them are just out to get your credit card info?

Basically, there are only 2 ways to find the ripe fruit in an orchard virtually overgrown with rotten apples.

1 – Sign up, pay the price. Do the “work” and realize too late that you just flushed your hard-earned cash down the toilet.

2 – Do your due diligence. Search & research; find views, reviews and opinions of those who have already signed up (DO NOT rely exclusively on the onsite testimonials for this as they are just too easy to fake); search for bios of the creators, designers AND those who provide testimonials; read EVERY word on the page promoting the opportunity; follow available links to affiliates and check out their credentials too; read every online article you can find relating to the opportunity; if you sign up for their newsletter, create a special email account to receive it just in case you can’t unsubscribe (keeps the spam out of your main inbox). Lather, rinse & repeat. Then, if the opportunity still appeals to you, sign up, dive in and STICK TO IT.

As you can see, option #1 is a gamble, whereas option #2 would deliver much more satisfactory results. So why is it that so many of us get lured in by the scams? That’s actually quite an easy question to answer: gratification. Taking the route outlined in option #2 requires a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of patience. Taking the gamble in option #1 is appealing in the sense that “Hey, this might just be THE one I’m looking for!”.

Any search for solutions that we may undertake (whether for online business opportunities, or for anything else for that matter) is influenced by our desire for gratification – and the sooner, the better. It’s that desire for immediate results that gets us into trouble. Unscrupulous marketers know this and are able to capitalize on it; it’s called impulse buying. How many times have you purchased that cheap gadget or that totally useless little doohickie at the drug store checkout only to have it wind up in the trash within a week?

Frustration is the result of unfulfilled desire.

Signing up for an opportunity with no due diligence is simply an attempt to fulfill a desire for immediate gratification: instant cash. There’s the trap: NO legitimate online business opportunity is going to provide you with such immediate income. Legitimate opportunities do require work, research & education. Most of them provide that education based on their years of experience and the research that they have already done for you.

So, how do you deal with the frustration that you may be feeling after having been “suckered”? Simple: you must first understand – and accept – that you were reacting to a very human desire to feel better right now. The key here is then to invest in your feelings before you invest in an online business opportunity.

Invest in my feelings? Huh? Let me explain. Which emotion do you prefer: disappointment or excitement? I think the answer to that is obvious. You can easily generate disappointment and frustration by reacting to your desires. You can just as easily generate excitement and mounting anticipation of future fulfillment by acting on your desires. Notice the difference? You can choose to react or to act – it’s up to you. Either way, it’s of the utmost importance to accept responsibility for the consequences – including how you feel.

Take your time to investigate the online business opportunities that interest you. Visit websites that provide information on a variety of affiliate programs. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of signing up with programs that provide one income stream versus those that provide multiple streams of income. Due diligence; with both the online business opportunities you may be considering, and with your own feelings. It’s what will make or break your online success.